Must-Have Essentials for Your Changing Bag

Being a new mum is an incredible journey filled with joy, love, and a whole lot of learning. As you navigate the world of parenthood, one thing becomes abundantly clear: a well-packed changing bag is your ultimate survival kit when you're out and about with your little one. It's the one item you'll rarely leave home without, as it holds the key to your baby's comfort, cleanliness, and peace of mind.

In this blog post, I'll be sharing my personal experience and insights on the essential items you need in your changing bag. I totally understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with venturing into the outside world with a tiny human in tow. But fear not! By packing your changing bag with the right essentials, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free outing for both you and your baby.

The key to a well-stocked changing bag lies in being prepared and organised. You never know when a nappy blowout or unexpected mess will strike, but with the right items at your disposal, you can handle any situation with confidence and ease. So, let's dive into the must-have essentials that every new mum should consider when packing her changing bag. Whether you're headed to the park, a playdate, or just running errands, this guide will help you be prepared for whatever your baby throws your way.

Nappy's and Wipes

When it comes to nappy changes, having an ample supply of nappies and wipes in your changing bag is absolutely essential. You never want to find yourself caught without a clean nappy when your little one needs it the most. Be sure to pack enough nappies based on the length of your outing, keeping in mind that accidents can happen at any time.

Opt for travel-sized packs of wipes or invest in a portable wipes dispenser. These are incredibly handy for quick and convenient clean-ups!

Something I've found that's been incredible for keeping nappies and wipes together is the Avery Row Packing Pouches. They let you keep all your little supplies in one place inside your bag so they're not all over the place and are easy to find. Remember organisation is key!

Changing Mat

Maintaining hygiene during nappy changes is of utmost importance, especially when you're on the go. A portable changing mat is a game-changer in this regard. Look for a foldable or compact mat that easily fits into your changing bag. Alternatively, disposable changing mats can be a convenient option, allowing you to discard them after each use.

Nappy Cream

Preventing nappy rash is a top priority for every parent. Including a trusted nappy cream in your changing bag is a must! Sudocrem is the go to for us. It'll keep their skin healthy and happy!

Changing Bag Essentials

Aside from nappies and nappy-related items, there are a few other essentials you should keep in your changing bag. Spare clothes are crucial, as little accidents and spills are bound to happen. Choose lightweight and weather-appropriate baby clothes that are easy to pack and change. We've got some muslin beach ponchos and summer rompers that are perfect to keep in your changing bag!

Additionally, don't forget to pack burp cloths or muslin squares to handle any unexpected messes or to use as a protective layer during nappy changes. Bibs are also invaluable for keeping your little one's clothes clean during feeding times.

Hand Sanitiser & Disposable Bags

Maintaining proper hand hygiene is essential for both you and your baby's well-being. Keep a travel-sized hand sanitiser in your changing bag, allowing you to clean your hands before and after nappy changes, even when you don't have access to soap and water.

To ensure cleanliness and odour control, include disposable bags in your bag. These are perfect for sealing dirty nappies or soiled clothes, making disposal easy and hygienic!

Feeding Essentials

If you're bottle-feeding your baby, be sure to pack the necessary feeding essentials. Include bottles, formula, or expressed breast milk, depending on your baby's needs. For older babies who have started solids, carry small snacks or baby food pouches for a quick and convenient meal on the go. Little teethers and dummies are great to have in there too!


By incorporating these essential items into your changing bag, you can confidently handle any nappy change situation while enjoying worry-free outings with your baby. Stay organised, prepared, and prioritise your baby's comfort and hygiene. With these must-have items at hand, you'll be ready for any adventure that awaits you and your little one.