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Eco Rascals Bamboo Dinosaur Plate with Suction Base: Navy

£16.99 £18.99
ROARSOME dinosaur plate for the dino-mad children. This two section bamboo dinosaur plate doesn't stomp off the high chair or table as the suction really works. Made of natural bamboo, children and parents love having toxin-free mealtimes. Two Sections which allows children's confidence to grow as they learn to try new food and textures. High walls on the sections enables children to manoeuvre their food with ease. Bamboo is sustainable, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Our bamboo is not mixed with any polymers and is 100% natural and sourced from an FSC certified supplier. Much of the day is centred around mealtimes with little ones and knowing you have a suction plate that won't be thrown is key to reducing mealtime stress. Award winning and beautifully packaged in earth friendly packaging that is display worthy. Spoon sold separately.

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