DayTripper Lite Changing Bag: Grey Marl

The DayTripper Lite 2 changing bag is a multi-functional changing bag that caters to all aspects of parenting. The integrated changing mat is well padded to allow your little one to be comfortable when being changed at home or even in a supermarket changing cubicle. Furthermore, the changing bag also incorporates labeled pockets to easily access nappies, wipes, and even your child’s dummy/pacifier! The DayTripper Lite 2 changing bag is perfectly formed for parents that do not require a large changing bag but require enough space to carry the everyday essential items such as; nappies, wipes, creams, and a spare pair of clothes for their little one! The changing bag also incorporates pushchair clips to allow you to attach the changing bag to any pram/stroller without having the need to purchase pushchair clips as an added expense! (We design products to allow our customers to save money for other essential items!!)

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