Coral Crab Children's Learning Float Vest / Size 1-3 Years


The vest from the Coral Crab collection by Monnëka by Tutete has a strap with a safety closure to be placed between the legs so that the vest does not slip out of the head, if thrown into the water vertically or when, simply, it is floating in the water. This strap is protected with neoprene to prevent chafing between the legs. It also includes extra protection in the armpit area to prevent chafing on children's sensitive skin.

This vest has 8 compartments where each of them has 3 buoyancy elements. Total 24. These elements are the ones that can be removed little by little so that the child can improve their ability to float without assistance. Other vests only have 8 pieces, so the buoyancy capacity changes more abruptly when you remove the pieces one by one.

Sizes Small: From 1 to 3 years old, weight 9 to 19 kilos, chest circumference 51-56cm

Medium: From 3 to 6 years old, weight 18 to 30 kg, chest circumference 56-61 cm

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